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Comparison leads to Regret.

We are going to start with story time today boys and girls! Once upon a time there was a perfect woman with her perfect family. One day, the perfect woman said to her perfect husband that they should take their perfect children kayaking. Something they all love to do because it was always so easy.…

Never Lose Your Muchness.

Has anyone ever told you that you’re TOOOOO MUCH? That you are over the top? Well, I have heard this my entire life in anything and everything that I have done. My Job- You just cared to much, you don’t really know them.Rules- You took that to literal CharlyMy kids- You’re to much of an…

Self Care for the REAL YOU

I have always felt the pressures as a woman to be good at what I thought the world meant as “SELF CARE” Honestly, what do you think of when you hear “Self Care”? Maybe it’s just me but my mind automatically went to pictures of well dressed women in fully-done makeup, drinking champagne, wearing face…


I’m Charly. I hope when you come here that you find a peace in knowing that no matter your past, how awkward you are, or how odd your dreams might be… that you can achieve them. I hope you like to laugh and even laugh at yourself. I hope that I can show you that you matter and that even though life seems to always be hard, that it can still be fun and full of so much meaning

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